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EcoVillage Playground


The Ecovillage Project, implemented by a team within the Engineer’s Going Global CIO, is aimed at adding to a sustainability themed playground at the Charlottesville Ecovillage. The Ecovillage’s objective is to create a sustainable, diverse community with net-zero energy and zero non-recyclable waste. Over the years we’ve successfully designed and constructed two playground structures at the Ecovillage and plan to continue to improve our farmer’s truck and pirate ship structures. We are hoping to gain access to funds to allow us to further our sustainability efforts at the Ecovillage. Specifically, we plan to update a few aspects of the structures to improve safety and add further modifications to the pirate ship, including a captain’s wheel.


The Ecovillage is currently in a large-scale expansion project intended to massively increase its resident population. As the goal of the village is to attract families, young and old, by providing a fully functional, sustainable community, it is necessary to cater to all ages and community needs. We, along with the Charlottesville Ecovillage, believe that sustainable playgrounds will aid in this appeal to prospective residents of the Ecovillage. Further, these structures, while promoting a sense of environmental responsibility and sustainability in children, are also crucial to the expansion and achievement of the Ecovillage’s objective.

Most recently our team created a ship like structure with a small, raised, covered upper deck. We also incorporated a string of flags for the children to paint/decorate, along with an interactive pirate ship wheel. We used as much bamboo (from the property), recycled wood, and old tires as possible while maintaining the structurally sound design.

We have been working along Saman Dashti, director of the Ecovillage School, and Joanie Freeman, Co-owner of the property, in the design and organization of our projects at the Ecovillage thus far. We will continue to work with these continued relationships here at the Ecovillage with this year’s project.

Team Leader

Brendan Vachris

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Graduates: May, 2020

Team Members

Thomas Lee

Lindsey Manning

Wonyoung Choi 

Scott Morrow

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