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The objective of the NICA project is to implement an optimal point-of-use water filtration system in Tadasna, Nicaragua. Tadasna is a small village, and many of its inhabitants suffer from illness due to lack of water purification. The project consists of researching various types of point-of-use water filtration systems, testing these systems, and traveling to Nicaragua to implement these systems in an efficient and sustainable manner. After project completion, the team continues to educate Tadasna locals on ways to effectively filter water and maintain the point-of-use systems installed by project team members.


So far, the team has successfully researched three types of water filtration technologies: a standard filter, the MadiDrop, and chlorine tablets. The team has effectively distributed all of the water filtration technologies to equal numbers of families. During the most recent trip, the team checked in frequently with locals for feedback on ease, taste, and quality of the filtration systems used. The team also successfully performed at-home water testing and submitted these samples to a local university in Nicaragua.

Previous Team Members

  • Ben Mathews

  • Justis Midura

  • Mary Boyd Crosier

  • Danial Hussain

  • Matt Anderson

  • David Griggs

  • Rohit Rustagi

  • Nathan Abraham

  • Anna Cerf

Community Partner

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