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EGG Rescoping Dinner

On Monday evening, January 29th , Engineers Going Global hosted the EGG Rescoping Dinner. The Exec team has undergone an intensive rescoping process over the past several months, and the dinner was a way to present their work for their members and UVA faculty. Among the esteemed faculty present were Engineering Dean John Gates, Engineering professors Dana Elzey, Kent Wayland, and Rosalyn Berne, and Center for Global Health Coordinator April Ballard. Over the past five years, EGG has experienced a declining number of both members and number of project teams. This past year reached all-time lows in each category. “We noticed that we were planning all of these great events for our members, but no one would show up” says Drew Boland, the Local Projects Chair. “That was how we knew we needed to change some things” The rescoping began in the early Fall of 2017. Each week, the Executive board would meet and discuss the problems and brainstorm solutions. “We really wanted to get to the root of the problem, not just treat the symptoms” said the President of EGG, Leon Yacoubian. The new direction that the Exec team has chosen is to label EGG as a student-led project incubator, in which humanitarian projects that benefit the local and international communities will be developed and guided to completion. EGG will provide all the resources to these projects, including a physical and virtual space, funding, workshops, and faculty connections. Engineers Going Global is the ONLY project incubator in the University and, in addition to providing sustainable solutions to communities, will give our members experience on project teams and the ability to apply their engineering skills outside of the classroom.

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