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Interest Meeting and EGG Drop

After a long awaited return, the EGG drop was performed for the first time in four years!

The First EGG Drop

Pictured: Brendan Vachris, Vice President of EGG, and the first team.

At the EGG interest meeting on Wednesday, September 11th, engineering students and EGG exec paired up in groups of two to create a capsule to protect their given egg from a height of approximately 100 feet. Students were given a plastic bag, two pieces of paper, rubber bands, tape, a mystery recycled item (toilet paper roll, box, etc.), and a time limit of 15 minutes. The top two teams received free EGG 2019 t-shirts. The first elimination round was located above the loading dock in the back of the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering building - four teams passed. The remaining teams then tested their devices from the top of the stairwell within the building. Unfortunately, many devices veered on their way to the ground floor, causing many egg casualties along stair railings. Thank you again to all who participated, and we look forward to dropping many more eggs in the future!

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