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Engineers Going Global Shark Tank Night

On November 28th, 2018, EGG project members and a panel of honorable judges got together for a night of possibilities. The EGG Shark Tank Night required current EGG was an event that aimed to give the teams a chance to win funds for their projects and also practice their presentation skills when stakes are high. The teams were tasked with presenting their projects, the problems they are trying to solve and their proposed solution in an attempt to win a maximum of $400 for their projects. The judges, composed of a group of entrepreneurs, UVa professors and PhD students, had five minutes to ask questions that would assess in their investment decision. In the end, the project RANA Kit was the winner, accumulating a total of $155 to be dedicated to their solution for identifying drinkable water in natural disaster sites. The night was success to all teams, specially because they got to present their projects in a compelling manner and also enjoy the dinner provided before the event!

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