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Executive Board for 2019-2020

Engineers Going Global is proud to announce the Executive Board for 2019-2020:

President: Nathan Tumperi, 4th year, Mechanical Engineering

Vice President: Brendan Vachris, 4th year, Civil Engineering

Treasurer: Sarah Smith, 4th year, Computer Science

Project Manager: Kyle Limpic, 3rd year, Biomedical Engineering

Project Manager: James Mullin, 3rd year, Chemical Engineering

Outreach Chair: Rohan Chandra, 2nd year, Biomedical Engineering

Marketing Chair: Emma Stephens, 3rd year, Civil Engineering

The new Exec team is ready to take on the challenge of leadership with a new vision: to legitimize the standing of Engineers Going Global through the consistent recruitment of members, projects, and funding opportunities by further interactions with other clubs, donors, alumni, faculty, and the student body. Check out the "Leadership" page under "About" to learn more about each of these individuals!

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