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TUFF Armenia Wins JPC Presentation Competition

The TUFF Armenia was awarded JPC funding last year in order to conduct their research in Gyumri, Armenia last summer. On Friday, April 13th the team presented their work at the annual JPC Presentation Competition. All of the JPC project teams were presenting their work in front of a panel of three judges. There were nine other project teams, ranging from preventing youth leisure boredom in South Africa to assessing sustainable technological innovation in Guatemala.

All of the project teams were very qualified and conducting fantastic projects. However, after all of the presentations were completed, the judges awarded the first place prize to the TUFF Armenia team! Congratulations to Leon Yacoubian, Santiago Roca, Katherine Genuario, Lillie Mayfield, and Bethany Gordon for all of their hard work on the project and for winning the competition. The prize for winning first place was $300 that will go towards the community partner, Gyumri Project Hope.

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