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EGG President Leon Yacoubian Featured in UVA Today!

Leon Yacoubian, the President of Engineers Going Global and leader of the Tuff Armenia project, was recently featured in the University of Virginia’s magazine, UVA Today. Yacoubian was recognized for his work on the Tuff Armenia project, which is aimed at bringing sustainable housing to the residents of Gyumri, the second largest city in Armenia. Leon lived in Armenia before coming to UVA and saw the devastation that still remained from a 1988 that hit Gyumri. People were still living in the temporary housing, which closer resembled a shack than a house, which was constructed after the disaster.

Using the resources provided by Engineers Going Global and the Engineering School, Leon began the Tuff Armenia project in 2014 and has continued to take massive strides in reaching his goal of providing sustainable housing for the residents of Gyumri. Tuff Armenia has expanded into a capstone project and its own class in the Civil Engineering Department at UVA, with more than 20 students working in tandem to tackle the problem. The article in UVA Today about Leon can be found here:

More information about the Tuff Armenia project can be found in the “Projects” tab and also on Facebook.

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